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Birmingham Museum 2018 Exhibition

The People of Birmingham:
Celebrating 200 Years of Stories

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The Birmingham Museum invites you to share a story about a special person from Birmingham’s last 200 years. This person can be anyone from the present or the past—a friend or family member, an ancestor, a neighbor, or someone you remember growing up that made an impression on you. We are more interested in the story and why it is important to you than exact facts. Do you have a photo or other image you would like to share to go with this story? It could be a family photo, picture of a house or building, or even a drawing.  You can upload it using the entry form below, or bring a hard copy to the Birmingham Museum and we will scan and return it. You may also leave an image or artifact at the museum to be on display during the exhibit.

FouracresThe People of Birmingham: Celebrating 200 Years of Stories exhibit will feature submitted entries on display in the museum and online during 2018—Birmingham’s 200th year! Your submission may become part of our permanent collection and could appear online, in the museum or both. The Birmingham Museum reserves the right to edit your entry as needed. The exhibit will run through December, 2018, and will include an online version that may be accessible permanently.

Please complete the form below to submit your entry, or download a People of Birmingham Entry Form here.  For more information, call 248-530-1928. Thank you for helping us tell the story of Birmingham! 
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