Rotheus M Cole frontMax Horton 1939-Piper
Birmingham Museum 2018 Exhibition

The People of Birmingham:
Celebrating 200 Years of Stories

Nan Degen of Nans Hat Shop Bell BldgOldWoodward 1966 - Copy
The Birmingham Museum received an award in 2018 from the Michigan Museums Association for excellence in community engagement with its crowd sourced exhibit, The People of Birmingham: Celebrating 200 Years of Stories. 

GreenwoodD Pat Andrews in period attireThe public was invited to share a story and photo of a special person from Birmingham's past or present that had inspired them. Over 100 stories were collected and exhibited throughout the year to celebrate Birmingham's bicentennial by highlighting its people. The contributions to the exhibit were heartwarming, sad, and charming and called attention to famous as well as not-so-famous individuals.  In addition, the historical information, photos, and artifacts that were generated by the exhibit have enriched our collection.   
 A publication with the entries and photos is planned in the near future. Please feel free to check in with the museum to find out more at 248-530-1928, or stop by from Tuesday through Saturday, 1 to 4 PM, or by appointment.