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Bella Visits the Birmingham Museum-The  female canine star of the City of Birmingham wanted to check out the female humans who have been an integral part of Birmingham's story, so she came for a visit to see our exhibit, "Beyond Suffrage: Empowering Birmingham's Women," which will be on display at least through the end of 2020.

The untold story of Birmingham's Frances Stanley,  a daring military nurse who was deployed on the frontlines in Africa with the troops during World War I. 

Part Two of the answer to, "what happens when I give an object to our museum?" It's that complicated that it needed two videos. If you love detail, you'll love this video. 

A look behind the scenes at our museum and those burning questions you have: "what happens when I give an object to our museum???"  Prepare to be amazed at how much goes into it, and why.   

March 17th's St. Patricks Day food history features Colcannon (Scottish translation: Rumpledethump) amid a brief history of the potato and the Irish migration to Birmingham--with a mystery photo for all you sleuths out there.

February! We dive into medicine remedies discovered in our collection--but don't try these at home!!

Sweets for your sweet. Poor Man's Cake with watermelon rind. Check it out.
Our holiday gift to you! A bonus video that explains the origins of our Christmas cookie decorating passion, and how it began with German springerle molded and painted cookies...

December's theme was Victorian puddings, and for all you non-Anglophiles out there, keep in mind that 'pudding' doesn't necessarily mean what you think it does. Hint: they are usually 'non-vegetarian!'

In November we asked our Facebook and Twitter followers to vote on which early 1800s Thanksgiving recipe Kyle, Donna and Caitlin should try. The people have spoken and jugged hare was the winner!

Our Halloween initiation of our 'What Were They Thinking? Food Edition" had its scary moments when we taste tested Jellied Cheese and Beet Salad.

And for those of you who like a little spooky with your Christmas, here is a 16 min. video of Caitlin Donnelly explaining the Victorian penchant for death and ghosts at Christmastime--with a dramatic reading.