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How Do I?

Updated: Sep 9, 2021
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Access our common "How do I?" questions use the listing on the left side of the page. Our top five "How do I?" questions are listed below.

Top Five Questions from Residents

How do I submit a form or payment online?
Most city forms and payments can be submitted online at www.bhamgov.org/formsandpayments.
How do I sign up to receive email updates about topics I'm interested in?
Sign up to receive city updates regarding topics of interest at bit.ly/bhamnews.
How can I participate in a city meeting from home?
Members of the public have the option to attend a city meeting virtually due to COVID-19. Learn how to participate in city meetings at www.bhamgov.org/participate.
How do I find City Commission meeting agendas and minutes?
Information about the City Commission, including agendas, minutes and meeting video footage can be found at www.bhamgov.org/commissionagendas.
How do I submit feedback on the City's public engagement platform, Engage Birmingham?
The Birmingham community is encouraged to register and submit feedback about many city projects on Engage Birmingham at http://engage.bhamgov.org.