The City of Birmingham has been working  with an advertising agency named Factory Detroit Inc. to develop a new logo to represent our city. The following three final design concepts are being considered:

This design updates the traditional name portion of the city’s logo. It uses an elegant serif font that’s been customized to add visual flair and creative energy. Notably, this logo does not include any other symbol. Why? Few city logos use just a name but many premium brands do. Letting the Birmingham name stand on its own implies quality, sophistication and confidence.


For generations, sculptures of griffins have stood atop downtown’s Birmingham theater. In fact, they’re among the city’s oldest existing public sculptures. In mythology, griffins are half lion and half eagle – the king of beasts and the king of birds – and represent strength and courage. This design features the shape of a griffin modeled on the original theater sculptures.

This design reimagines Birmingham’s traditional logo. It streamlines the tree and winding path, making them dynamic and contemporary. The two elements come together to form a single symbol focused on the pathway into our walkable city. It also suggests a letter B, using the city’s initial to create an icon, in a style similar to premium fashion and automotive brands.