Understanding Public Notices
The City of Birmingham distributes public notices to make you aware of important information and/or changes within your community. Public notices inform you about government actions and will alert you when the interests of your family, your neighborhood, or your business are affected by an upcoming project. Select from the notice categories below to learn what's happening around your home or business. Click on the orange envelope icon above ( Email notify ) to be notified by email of updates to this page.

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Public Notices2 documents

Planning Department2 documents

  • 210 South Old Woodward-Zana 9/23/2021
    document _recordid 6340
    Special Land Use Permit, Final Site Plan and Design Review request to consider a restaurant with alcoholic beverage sales (on-premise consumption).
  • 34745 Woodward-JAX Car Wash 9/9/2021
    document _recordid 6325
    Final Site Plan & Design Review for circulation and layout changes to the existing car wash site

Private Notices10 documents

Building Department10 documents

  • 1740 W Maple 9/14/2021
    document _recordid 6375
    Appeal a use interpretation for indoor seating for a bakery
  • 1159 E Maple 9/14/2021
    document _recordid 6374
    Variance on the front open space for replacement of existing driveway
  • 1222 Cole 9/14/2021
    document _recordid 6373
    Variances to permit a/c units into the required sideyard setbacks
  • 448 Willits 9/14/2021
    document _recordid 6372
    Variances regarding allowable overhangs for an existing non-conforming home
  • 157 E Frank 9/14/2021
    document _recordid 6370
    Variance for open space for replacement of existing paved areas
  • 689 Westwood 9/14/2021
    document _recordid 6369
    Variance to construct an addition regarding the total side yards
  • 689 Westwood 8/10/2021
    document _recordid 6290
    Variance to construct an addition regarding the total side yards.
  • 282 Greenwood 8/10/2021
    document _recordid 6289
    Variances requested for open space requirements.
  • 1135 Maryland 8/10/2021
    document _recordid 6288
    Variances for front yard setback and for the front open space.
  • 375 Lake Park 8/10/2021
    document _recordid 6287
    Variances regarding the front yard setback and dormer width.