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Inside City Hall
New Smart Meters in Birmingham

Smart Meter ImageThe installation of 1,262 credit card enabled "smart" parking meters has begun! All parking meters located in the City of Birmingham will offer payment by credit card as an option upon completion of the installation of the new parking meters. Learn more at

New Parking Widget Shows You Real Time Parking Availability

parking greenThere is a new faster way to find parking in Birmingham structures. Simply pull up the City of Birmingham app on your smart phone, or go to which is the homepage, and click on the green and white parking widget in the upper right corner of the page. It will pop up an orange box with real time parking space availability and a map to all the structures. It's that easy and convenient. When you are making plans to come to Birmingham, check out parking ahead of time and get real time information. For more parking initiatives, go to

Introducing Mixed Recycling
cartChanges are coming this summer as SOCRRA rolls out its 65-gallon, mixed-stream recycle carts for all single-family households. These wheeled containers eliminate the need to sort items, making recycling as easy as taking out the trash!

Cart distribution in Birmingham begins late-August. Learn more on SOCRRA's website and view an FAQ at